How much time of anticipation should I start planning my wedding?

This is a very stressing topic for most of brides. Almost all experts recommend to start planning the wedding at least with one year of anticipation. But, this doesn’t mean that everything should be planned a year ahead. This recommendation is addressed to planning the budget, defining the date and general details, because when having a short time to prepare the wedding, it is very common to minimize or leave important events aside; and even more, the bride and groom might deprive them-selves of having the presence of an invited guest or a service provider that had a previous commitment on the selected date.

Once I have decided to get married what are the first steps you recommend?

The first thing to do is to study the wedding market and have an idea about the budget at your disposal. Starting from there, the guests’ list should be elaborated. We strongly recommend studying the market and determining the available budget for the wedding because a long list of guests is a luxury that many couples can’t afford with a tight budget. Then, it is also time to decide if working with a wedding planner or doing it by your selves.

Can I still hire a Planner and be involved with the wedding planning process?

Totally!! Our best weddings are those where the bride and groom help with the design and give ideas. Our main goal is to create a wedding designed with your personal vision, style and personality in mind. It is YOUR wedding and having your feedback is absolutely important to the overall result. The fact is: we want you to get enthusiastic about planning your special day, but it is up to you the level of involvement to be. CoordinateCuba role is to accomplish the image you have for your wedding day and offer insight and feedback alongside the way to sort out the process efficiently.

How much can a wedding celebration cost in Cuba?

Many articles have been written in the web about this topic. There are also providers that offer a wedding package with a system that could be called “all inclusive”. The truth is that to hazard numbers before knowing the particularity of each couple, their expectations and requirements is not very advisable. Every person is unique and every couple is different as well as the decisions they will have to make during the organization of their wedding. Depending on the desired wedding style, the services to hire (quantity and quality of these services), the guest number, among many other aspects, the budget of a wedding in Cuba could be variable. Anyway, CoordinateCuba has elaborated a spreadsheet that summarizes the approximate wedding costs in Havana according to previous clients’ experiences. This chart, which is not definitive, can help those couples at early stages of their wedding planning to have an general idea about the prices, email us for further information about it.

What is “Save the date” and what do you use it for

In many countries it is a custom to send a notification message with the wedding date on it: Save the date. Even when the wedding spot has not been decided yet, this message could be sent. It will help the guests and the bride and groom plan themselves because if one of the future guests has any inconvenience, this person will be able to acknowledge the couple since that very moment. A destination wedding in Cuba require the invites plan with enough time their travel and expenses to come, so this step is very important in order to set up the final guest list.

Are these so called wedding and party offers “All inclusive” recommendable?  

The offers or packages “All included” have the tendency of covering too much with too little. What are we reffering to: as they are offers with a totalized fixed Price there is Little choice opportunity and many times, there is unreal knowledge of the providers and services finally hired. Therefore, the capacity of demanding the final service quality is limitted. In many opportunities, couples regret having hired an offer of this kind because the result is under their expectations in some of the included services, and even in all aspects. In an attempt to saving time, (due to the fact that sometimes they are not so economical) couples have lost the perspective of having the dream wedding and there are no second choices.

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Every time we are asked this question I answer with another one: How many weddings have you organized?

Hiring a wedding planner or not may be one of the most important decisions after the “I do”.

This is a service that has gone up the ladder and this is not a coincidence. Weddings constitute a typology in the social events planning field and it possesses specifications and unique characteristics. Not all event planners are good wedding planners as well as good event photographers are not meant to be good wedding photographers. Specialization is the source of Excellency in the service and the planner is the one meant to materialize the dreamed wedding of every couple. Its experience, contacts and recommendations will save time and stress to the couple. In many cases, taking into consideration the planner’s skills, he or she will be able to obtain substantial savings from the budget, thanks to his or her power of negotiation and recommendation.

What’s the importance of a wedding planner?

The role of the wedding planner is like that of the orchestra director’s that makes the adequate melody sound. He or she is an auditor of all the services and will control the quality of each of them from the bottom to the top. His or her work implies the experience of the wedding as a whole where every piece must play its role for the machinery to be perfect. First, there must be a sense of trust and mutual understanding to hire a planner because the bride and groom will deposit the weight of the wedding on their shoulders. The stress caused by planning an event could be unbearable for some couples. For some it is even unthinkable due to the workload or time limitations; others simply prefer to hire someone that is 100 % attentive to all details to be able to enjoy the wedding to the full. If you are in any of these categories, we recommend that you hire a wedding planner immediately.

Consult our services of planning and contact us with details of your event to receive counseling.

I have decided to celebrate my wedding in a hotel. Why should I hire a wedding planner if the hotel offers this service?

CoordinateCuba wedding planners work directly at your service in coordination with the hotel and other external services. They have a wide knowledge about the market focused on your wedding and will be in constant contact with you. Even if you are out of Cuba, they can speed up the answers that you haven‛t received yet from some providers through personal contacts.

Our coordinators are creative and have ample experience working with a great variety of locations, providers and wedding services.

How many weddings or events do CoordinateCuba manage per day?

We only coordinate one event per day. Our planner team will have no other events to disturb it from your event.

Will CoordinateCuba wedding planner be at my wedding / Event?

Absolutley right. Your wedding planner will be the person you see most on your day. We may have a coordination assistant, or several, with us as well but your wedding planner will be the person in charge of all the details from start to bottom. At CoordinateCuba the work only finish when the last invite leaves the party.

What will CoordinateCuba wedding planner wear to my wedding / Event? 

All CoordinateCuba staff will be dressed in formal black attire (except for particular requirement of the client) and with an identification pin in order to be recognized for the invites.