"I can't express how thankful I am of Coordinate Cuba and the staff. From start to finish she handled every aspect of the event very professional!"

Javier D. Martinez

Thay González

"Escoger a Coordinate Cuba para coordinar nuestra boda fue la mejor elección!!"


"La mejor decisión que tomamos para celebrar nuestra boda fue trabajar con Coordinate Cuba!"

Alex Rivera

"Highly recommended wedding coordination services in Cuba! We can say this by experience"

Cecilia Gibson

"If you are looking for someone to help you organize an event in Cuba, Coordinate Cuba is the absolute best!"



About Coordinate

COORDINATE Cuba is a full-service event planning business for La Havana, Cuba.

We are focus on creating detailed and stress-free events for our clients.

Our team is skilled with innovative and creative professionals who listen to your desires and work with your providers to guarantee every aspect of your event is executed to perfection.

Event planning is our passion and we put every effort to ensure that your event or wedding in Cuba is a unique moment full of pleasant memories.

Our Services

Coordinate Cuba Wedding Planning Services:

Many Wedding Planners Used To Charge A Percentage Of The Wedding Budget, Usually 10 To 20 Percent, At Coordinate Cuba We Prefer To Use A Rate According To The Services And The Amount Of Time Required For The Wedding Planning Service.

We Offer An Initial Contact At No Charge In Order To Get An Idea Of Your Wedding Requirements And Ways We Can Be A Part In Assisting Your Special Day.

At Coordinate Cuba We Recognize That all Couples Are Distinctive And We Are Pleased To Customize Any Of Our Services to Be Specific To Your Wishes.

We Can Also Create A Personalized Wedding Planning Package Based On Your Desires. Please Ask Us If There Are Services You Require That You Do Not See On Our List. We Are Sure We Can Design Something Special For You.

Diamond Package / Paquete Diamante

The Diamond Package is a full-service planning ..

Gold Package / Paquete Oro

With the Gold package, Coordinate will recommend venues and vendors, offer advice on providers/vendors ..

Silver Package / Paquete Plata

With the Silver Package Coordinate will confirm with wedding services provideers ..

Alliance Package / Paquete Alianza

This is for the couple that wants to do all the planning themselves but needs some help along the way.

  • Diamond Package / Paquete Diamante
  • Gold Package / Paquete Oro
  • Silver Package / Paquete Plata
  • Alliance Package / Paquete Alianza
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Customer Reviews

La mejor decisión que tomamos para celebrar nuestra boda fue trabajar con Coordinate! Mariam es una excelente profesional. Gracias a ella pudimos disfrutar de nuestra boda desde los primeros momentos de la organización hasta el último trago.

Con solo un par de encuentros y pocas llamadas se llevó nuestra idea y pudimos delegar en ella todas las desiciones incluso en los momentos de mayor tensión (la lluvia nos acompañó y hubo que hacer cambios de último minuto).

Nuestra experiencia fue inmejorable, disfrutamos todo al máximo, nuestra fiesta superó nuestras expectativas y Mariam se llevó todas las palmas!! Muchos éxitos le deseamos al equipo de Coordinate!!!

quotes-image Eli Eli

Mariam and her team are absolutely amazing!

From the very first contact I made with Mariam everything was perfect. She was always quick to respond and extremely professional. When we arrived in Havana, Mariam even offered to show our family around. It was really great to get to know Mariam. She is such a kind and beautiful person inside and out. It was very apparent that she truly cares about her clients.

Our wedding day was better than I ever could have imagined. Everythingwas perfectly coordinated and organized, so we could relax and enjoy the day. She was even able to find a purple car that I requestes last minute to surpise my husband. When we arrived at the venue I was in awe at the beautiful job Mariam and her team did setting up decorating. She is so creative.

If you are looking for someone to help you organize an event in Cuba, Coordinate Cuba is the absolute best!

Thank you Mariam and team for all of your hard work to make our wedding day perfect!!

quotes-image Cecilia Gibson

Customer Reviews

Highly recommended wedding coordination services in Cuba! We can say this by experience :D

We are a couple that live in New Zealand and decided to get married in Cuba, even though none of us is from there. This wouldn’t be possible without Mariam and her team.

Mariam was always friendly, positive and creative. She has the experience to take couples’ ideas and translate them into actions, always keeping in mind the targeted budget. Communication was always clear between Mariam and us, and she always gave the best to keep us updated of every detail of our wedding

We only have positive reviews for Mariam and her team; they gave us one of the best days of our lives in company of our family and friends.

Thank you Mariam!

Alex and Sandra

quotes-image Alex Rivera Diaz

I can't begin to tell you how Mariam and her team gave us our dream wedding in Cuba!!

We are from Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and had dreams of having a wedding in Cuba. Mariam and her team gave us the wedding we wanted and more. She is so professional and organized. Every little detail was completed with perfection. She is very creative. She was always quick to response to emails and even made sure we had FaceTime through an app. Even though most of our communication was through email, her quick response never made it feel that we were in different countries. She has options for decor, a wide range menu for the reception, and ceremony variety!

The day of our ceremony, everyone and everything was in place and on time! The venue was perfect and the staff was friendly and welcoming! Our guest were so amazed at the work of Mariam's team.

Coordinate Cuba, Mariam, and her team are the way to go for your dream wedding in Cuba!!!

quotes-image Mikeon White

Customer Reviews

I can't express how thankful I am of Mariam and her staff. From start to finish she handled every aspect of the event very professional!

This was by far one of the hardest events I've had to plan and coordinate and she made it a seamless experience!

Miriam, I can not thank you enough for everything you did for Hannah and I! We are forever grateful!

See you soon

quotes-image Javier D. Martinez

Escoger a Mariam para coordinar nuestra boda fue la mejor elección!! Ernesto y yo somos cubanos pero vivimos fuera de la isla y nuestro deseo era casarnos en Cuba rodeado de nuestros familiares y amigos.

Contacté con Mariam a través de su página web y desde nuestro primer contacto por e-mail, supe que la quería a ella como mi coordinadora y más que eso se convirtió en mi mano derecha durante todo el proceso. Casi un año de intercambios de correo para lograr hacer nuestro sueño realidad, "tener la boda que siempre habíamos soñado".

Dos semanas antes de la boda llegue a Cuba y Mariam lo tenía casi todo bajo control, solo faltaban los últimos detalles, ella estuvo cada día a nuestro lado cada vez que había que tomar alguna decisión nos aconsejaba que era lo mejor y nos ayudó a preparar la ceremonia más romántica y a la ves personalizada que podía imaginar.

Llegado el gran día, yo, mi esposo y nuestra familia solo tuvimos que encargarnos de disfrutar, ella se hizo cargo de cada detalle y logró que tuviéramos la boda de nuestros sueños!! Nuestra boda que contaba con 150 invitados de 14 nacionalidades diferentes, quedo espectacular, ella logró con su talento y entrega que todo quedara perfecto. Muchas gracias Mariam!!

Sigue haciendo esto que haces con tanta entrega y pasión.

Besos Thay y Ernesto

quotes-image Thay González


  • How much time of anticipation should I start planning my wedding? +

    This is a very stressing topic for most of brides. Almost all experts recommend to start planning the wedding at least with one year of anticipation. But, this doesn’t mean that everything should be planned a year ahead.

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  • Once I have decided to get married what are the first steps you recommend? +

    The first thing to do is to study the wedding market and have an idea about the budget at your disposal. Starting from there, the guests’ list should be elaborated. We strongly recommend studying the market and determining the available budget for the wedding because a long list of guests is a luxury that many couples can’t afford with a tight budget.

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  • Can I still hire a Planner and be involved with the wedding planning process? +

    Totally!! Our best weddings are those where the bride and groom help with the design and give ideas. Our main goal is to create a wedding designed with your personal vision, style and personality in mind. It is YOUR wedding and having your feedback is absolutely important to the overall result.

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  • How much can a wedding celebration cost in Cuba? +

    Many articles have been written in the web about this topic. There are also providers that offer a wedding package with a system that could be called “all inclusive”. The truth is that to hazard numbers before knowing the particularity of each couple, their expectations and requirements is not very advisable.

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  • What is “Save the date” and what do you use it for +

    In many countries it is a custom to send a notification message with the wedding date on it: Save the date. Even when the wedding spot has not been decided yet, this message could be sent. It will help the guests and the bride and groom plan themselves because if one of the future guests has any inconvenience, ...

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  • Are these so called wedding and party offers “All inclusive” recommendable? +

    The offers or packages “All included” have the tendency of covering too much with too little. What are we reffering to: as they are offers with a totalized fixed Price there is Little choice opportunity and many times, there is unreal knowledge of the providers and services finally hired.

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  • Why should I hire a wedding planner? +

    Every time we are asked this question I answer with another one: How many weddings have you organized?

    Hiring a wedding planner or not may be one of the most important decisions after the “I do”.

    This is a service that has gone up the ladder and this is not a coincidence. Weddings constitute a typology in the social events planning field and it possesses specifications and unique characteristics.

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  • What’s the importance of a wedding planner? +

    The role of the wedding planner is like that of the orchestra director’s that makes the adequate melody sound. He or she is an auditor of all the services and will control the quality of each of them from the bottom to the top. His or her work implies the experience of the wedding as a whole where every piece must play its role for the machinery to be perfect.

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  • I have decided to celebrate my wedding in a hotel. Why should I hire a wedding planner if the hotel offers this service? +

    Coordinate wedding planners work directly at your service in coordination with the hotel and other external services. They have a wide knowledge about the market focused on your wedding and will be in constant contact with you.

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  • How many weddings or events do Coordinate manage per day? +

    We only coordinate one event per day. Our planner team will have no other events to disturb it from your event.

  • Will Coordinate wedding planner be at my wedding / Event? +

    Absolutley right. Your wedding planner will be the person you see most on your day. We may have a coordination assistant, or several, with us as well but your wedding planner will be the person in charge of all the details from start to bottom. At Coordinate the work only finish when the last invite leaves the party.

  • What will Coordinate wedding planner wear to my wedding / Event? +

    All Coordinate staff will be dressed in formal black attire (except for particular requirement of the client) and with an identification pin in order to be recognized for the invites.

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